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The past two semesters, I’ve been writing reviews of TV shows, to get a different writing experience. I’ve read TV critics like Alan Sepinwall of and Andy Greenwald of for a few years now, so I’ve been trying to emulate their abilities.


BINGE WATCHER: Third season of ‘House of Cards’ is show’s best so far

“Compared to past seasons, season three of “House of Cards” is the most polarizing. Most viewers will either be more excited to watch another season, or be done with the show by this point.”

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BINGE WATCHER: ‘Better Call Saul’ differentiates itself from ‘Breaking Bad’ with new style

“Before each and every time James McGill enters the courtroom to defend his latest client, he stands in front of a bathroom mirror, practices his arguments, waves his hands and says, “Showtime.” It’s a microcosm of his personality.”

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BINGE WATCHER: New Netflix release “Z Nation” brainless in first season

“Driving through the streets of Philadelphia in a flatbed truck with the Liberty Bell strapped down, the driver has to swerve to miss a zombie. The straps break and the bell goes rolling down the street, flattening five or six zombies along the way.

If you think that sounds dumb, you’re right.”

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BINGE WATCHER: TV adaptations provide room for expansion of comic storylines

“Two new DC-based television shows, “The Flash” and “Gotham,” have come onto the scene with an already-established fan base, myself included.

Both shows have vastly different objectives to accomplish and while there have been some issues, they’ve started to hit their strides midway through the first seasons.”

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BINGE WATCHER: ‘Gotham’ shows promise in series premiere, but has room to grow


“It’s clear from the first few scenes that the main character of Fox’s “Gotham” isn’t young Detective James Gordon, his morally-ambiguous partner Harvey Bullock or even low-level criminal Oswald Cobblepot.

It’s Gotham City.”

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